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New Listing for David Clarke and History Walks Talks

Medway Speakers List

All my History Walks Talks are now listed under ‘David Clarke’ on the Medway Speakers List.

  • 1066 – King Harold’s March from London
  • Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House – a walk around the history of the High Weald
  • The Saxon Times – A Newspaper’s Review of 1066 (1066 in 66 minutes)
  • 1066 William’s March on London
  • Explore St Leonards on sea

A downloadable leaflet giving a description of all the talks and individual talk sheets for distribution are available at:  History Walks Talks

Tostig and Copsig’s Further Adventures

When these two get together anything can happen.

Already expelled from Northumbria in 1065 for excessive cruelty, they and their band of trained hooligans are now trying to make their mark on Euro 1066.

The authorities are aware of their travel plans and plan to nip any trouble in the bud.


Saxon Times May 1066

May’s edition of The Saxon Times republished


Excerpts from The Saxon Times will be available from 10th July 2016 in A3 format suitable for wall display. Visit and for more information

The Saxon Times is set for publication 1st September 2016 by Bretwalda Books as an A4 paperback and will be available nationally.

The Saxon Times is on Display


Our next exhibition from 16th June will be ‘The Saxon Times’.

‘The newspaper is a look at how the events of 1066 may have been reported and records eye witness reports of the events surrounding the death of Edward the Confessor, the coronation of King Harold II, the events that led to the Battle of Hastings, 14th October 1066 and the subsequent conquest of England through the eyes of The Saxon Times reporters’.

The book is due to be published in August 2016 and promises a fascinating view into this most important period of the nation’s history. This is the work of David Clarke, who some of you will have heard talk on ‘Harold’s Way’ last year. David has also produced a series of walk booklets in and around Hastings and St Leonards which are stocked at the History House. We are grateful to David for the loan of the exhibition.