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The Saxon Times – 1066 in 66 Minutes

From the pages of The Saxon Times

There is more to 1066 than the Battle of Hastings fought on 14th October 1066 at Senlac Hill and The Saxon Times is a look at how the events of that tumultuous year may have been reported in a topical newspaper.

The Saxon Times covers the whole year from 25th December 1065 and the consecration of Westminster Abbey to William’s coronation on 25th December 1066. The story ends on 31st December 1066.

My talk will give an overview of the important events of 1066 and delve a little deeper into the background and intrigue that surrounded key dates and a look at life during that turbulent year. It will also give an insight into King Harold’s route to the Battle of Hastings and Duke William’s subsequent march to his coronation.

It is based on all the evidence available for that year and brings it together in a logical, understandable and entertaining format.

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  • The Saxon Times – A Newspaper’s Review of 1066 (1066 in 66 minutes)
  • The Saxon Times – 1066 William’s March on London
  • Walking 1066 Harold’s Way   (King Harold’s March from London)
  • Walking the history of the High Weald (Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House)
  • Exploring St Leonards on Sea
  • A Walk around Rye

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