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Christmas Festive Food


For the full report behind these headlines and the reports, read 1066 The Saxon Times and experience the Norman Conquest through the eyes of the Saxon Times reporters.

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The recipes in The Saxon Times are the result of research from a variety of sources. They are meant to be a representative menu of the food served to Duke William of Normandy and are for information only. No cooking times, temperatures, weights or measures have been given on purpose. Recipes taken from The Saxon Times and prepared by you are done so ‘at your own risk’. The Saxon Times and David Clarke are not responsible for any damage, medically or otherwise, resulting in the preparation of food using the instructions or recipes provided.

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Next Talk– 1066, Duke William’s March on London

2019 Williams Way Dover

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1066 William’s March on London

14th October 1066 seems such a terminal date in English history but life continued.

‘1066 William’s March on London’ is an engaging account of what happened next as Duke William sought to consolidate his invasion of Anglo-Saxon England.

This is the story of Duke William’s strategy that culminates in his coronation at Westminster Abbey on 25th December 1066 and ends on New Year’s Eve.

Portrayed by his chroniclers as ‘a generous and accommodating man’ the reality is a little different as his plan unfolds and he cuts a wave of destruction across southern England with little opposition.

This talk delves a little deeper into the background and intrigue that surrounded the important events of that October, November and December starting with the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings.

The talk is based on all the evidence available for William’s march to London and brings it together in a logical, understandable and entertaining format.

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Royal Correspondent Eadgard of West Minster

Reading a prepared statement from the steps of West Minster Palace, King Harold II has this to say to the Nobility of England.

i Your Country Needs You HR“There is now no doubt as to Duke William’s intentions against our Island State. England is set to face its darkest hour since the Viking Invasions and we must be prepared.

We know that we have right on our side and our belief in God’s will, will not waver.

This will be a fight to preserve the very democracy that we hold dear and every Englishman should be ready to fight.

I now call you all to arms. The battle may be tomorrow, next month or the month after that and it will be fierce but be assured, we will all stand side by side in the defence of the realm.

It is God’s Will”

Harold Rex.