About the Author

David Clarke is the author of 1066 Harold’s Way, of Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House and a series of Short Walks in 1066 Country

David is an experienced walker and historian who has done much to reappraise the military skills and decisions of Harold in that fateful autumn of 1066 when the future of England hung in the balance.

David created the “1066 Harold’s Way” footpath that was inspired by King Harold II’s epic journey to the Battle of Hastings 1066 and included extracts from The Saxon Times to add background to Harold’s march.

The Saxon Times developed into  a novel and very different view of the tumultuous events of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

The Saxon Times augments  the history of 1066 into the form of a series of pages from a contemporary newspaper that reports on the events as they unfolded and appeared to people of the time.

The starting point for that tumultuous year was the death of King Edward the Confessor and nobody can have foreseen the year of bloodshed and mayhem that would take place. Everything seemed settled and peaceful. But very soon it became obvious that greedy, envious foreign eyes were being cast toward England. Invasion was not far off.

You can follow what happened through the pages of the Saxon Times, a uniquely English look at what happened in that momentous year.