June 1066: News of Tostig and William



Tostig’s European Tour continues.  ‘Once I get to the Orkneys, it will be easy to sail to Norway to meet Harald Hardrada. He too has a claim to the throne and has an axe to grind with Harold’ said Tostig.


Reports suggest that on 2nd June Tostig did indeed sail to Norway. He thinks that he has a ‘good idea’ that will appeal to King Harald Hardrada.

If Hardrada believes that any campaign with Tostig will succeed he is more stupid than he looks. Believe me when I say that he is doomed, he is really doomed. All Tostig’s ideas ultimately prove disastrous.


On the 17th June, a Charter for the Holy Trinity in Caen was ratified by William and confirmed the status of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity. Work had started on this Benedictine monastery in 1062 as a penance to appease the Bishop of Rouen following William’s marriage to Matilda of Flanders.

Following the dedication of the Abbey, sources close to the Duke suggested that it was a further example of William’s godliness.


I believe that William is profiting from the Papal Blessing and that the dedication of the Abbey, at this time, is more than coincidence. I suggest that it is all propaganda, designed to woo the people of Normandy to follow William on some kind of religious crusade.

It seems that you can pull the wool over people’s eyes all the time.

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