Issue 34

King Harold spoke to his assembled men late today.

“Duke William has an army of around 10,000 but we fought against such odds and won at Stamford Bridge.

We have tasted victory and victory will be ours once again.

I call upon my loyal fyrdmen to take up arms once more. Be ready to leave in five days and reinforcements will join us on the march to ‘the old hoar apple tree’ on Caldbec Hill, near the ridge at Senlac and Hastings

The second army will follow us the next day.

We men of Wessex know it well.

It is our land, our land to defend, defend the ridge at Senlac and we will win the war.”

The speech was met with a tremendous shout and a beating of shields. The horses shied but were soon calmed as the men drifted back to camp. The day that will decide the future of England will soon be upon us all.

This paper will have reporters traveling with the army to keep all our readers up to date with the army’s progress.

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Hastings Falls Without A Fight

Issue 32

The Saxon Times were ‘privileged’ to have an audience with Duke William who said “ I am here in Hastings as a friend of the people. I come in peace. Do not be afraid for I will reward those that support me but be warned that if I do encounter opposition it will be dealt with severely, without conscience for I have God and right on my side.” His final words, before we were dismissed, commanded that a motte and bailey castle should be built on West Hill.

Hastings is an ideal stronghold, easily fortified with two commanding hills dominating the town and harbour.

To consolidate his position, Duke William has sent several troops of mounted soldiers to terrorise the country and look for signs of the English army.

The key is to gain control of the ridge at Senlac. He would then be able to march east and west along the ancient trackways or north using the old Roman road. If the ridge falls to William he can move to conquer England.

King Harold is 300 miles away in York and the Senlac ridge is undefended and is only seven miles from Hastings.

The Duke now has time to consolidate his position in Hastings. With control of the ridge Duke William can then advance to dominate the rest of the country – it is a masterful plan as befits the Duke. Nothing will be allowed to get in his way.

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Cuddly Bill

Hastings Sunday 1st October 1066

ASS has been disbanded.

Their final act was to for these posters to be found in an ale house that the Norman soldiers used.

There was so much laughter in the place that the Master of the Guard was called as he feared a fight.

This Comedy Night did not go down well as all the men were put on report and Brother William from Fecamp Abbey was taken away for questioning even though he was a Norman.

It is unlikely that we will see the likes of ASS again. 

Wanted Dead or Alive v2 Teddy Bill

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They’re having a laugh

Hastings Sunday 1st October 1066

Latest news

The newly formed Anglo-Saxon Society ‘ASS’ are claiming responsibility but as yet this is unconfirmed.

Little is known about ASS and we await further details although the Normans are already classifying ASS as a terrorist group.

Wanted Dead or Alive v2 Fool

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Breaking News

Saturday 30th September 1066 – Hastings

The Saxon Times reports that last night throughout Hastings leaflets were pinned to doors and trees purporting to offer a  reward to ‘Kill Bill’.

Wanted Dead or Alive v2

The Norman hierarchy first dismissed the posters as a prank but it is understood, from sources close to the Duke, that Duke William was apoplexic with rage and demanded that the culprits be brought to summary justice.

There is now tension within the town as the Norman ‘police’ investigate the mysterious ‘poster’ poster.

We will continue to follow this story as the investigation unfolds.

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The Noble Quest For The Throne Of England

The following is reprinted from an article in the Norman newspaper ‘Le Monde Du Normandie’ published 29th September 1066.

The Noble Quest For The Throne Of England

Issue 31

William of Jumièges and William of Poitiers, Duke William’s chroniclers, were with The Great Duke on his landing on English soil at the start of ‘The Noble Adventure to Claim the Throne of England’.

Beachhead secured and is spread across the wide Pevensey Bay from west to east towards Bexhill.

The Norman cavalry, foot soldiers and archers disembark and take their first steps on English soil.

Next are the carpenters who have been ordered to assemble a castle on the site of the old Roman fort from panels already constructed in Normandy and brought over with the invasion. Even the boats are being taken apart as part of the castle construction.

If they are defeated by King Harold there is no chance of them returning home but any such talk is quickly quashed by Duke William with promises of untold wealth.

But with King Harold in York, it has given the Duke free reign in Wessex to build a strong base rumoured to be at Hastings.

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