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 1066 The Saxon Times Resource Book



67 great classroom resources taken from the pages of The Saxon Times that include reports on all the key events from January to December of the fateful year, excerpts from the Food Pages and three great quizzes.

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Learning outcomes

  • How Anglo-Saxon society worked
  • How Harold Godwinson became king of England
  • Why other people also claimed the throne of England
  • What happened in 1066: the year of the Norman invasion.

The Saxon Times aims to:

  • Inspire curiosity to know more about the past
  • Increase knowledge of and understanding about 1066
  • Understand how people’s lives have shaped the nation

The Saxon Times will:

  • Extend knowledge of the year 1066
  • Identify the significant events of 1066 in chronological order
  • Help develop perspective and argument
  • Help weigh the available evidence
  • Help understand the complexity of people’s li

1066 Quizzes

25 Quizzes v2

Three great Saxon Times General Knowledge Quizzes that cover all the key events of 1066 suitable for KS2 and KS3:

 Learning outcomes

  • Reinforce and revise 1066


  • Inspire curiosity to know more about the past
  • Increase knowledge of 1066, the year of the Norman invasion.

Spring, Autumn and New Year Quizzes, including answers, are available from


and are included in the

1066 Saxon Times Resource Book

1066 The King’s Games

The Saxon Times King’s Games have been devised to give an idea of the timescales for the major events of that tumultuous year, 1066, in a fun and entertaining format.

They present the story of 1066 as a board game from the Death of King Edward the Confessor, the coronation of King Harold II, preparation for war to the Battle of Hastings. King William’s game includes his progress through southern England to his coronation on 25th December 1066.

They are ideal activities to introduce the concept of 1066, reinforce learning and/or as an end of term activity.

The game is an A3 size pdf. file and will be e-mailed to you on proof of purchase.

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The King’s Games are also available through TES.

William’s Game

Harold’s Game

Kings Game Harold II  King William Game

The Saxon Times Resources

Tne Saxon Times is available as individual A3 posters to record the events of 1066 through the eyes of The Saxon Times reporters.

They aim to inspire curiosity to know more about 1066 and expand and develop knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past.

Each issue reports the major headlines of the day with comment, advertisements and maps as appropriate.

The A3 posters are educational, make ideal wall displays and meet the needs of the National Curriculum for History Key Stages 1 and 2 programmes of study

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The Saxon Times posters are also available through TES.