The Noble Quest For The Throne Of England

The following is reprinted from an article in the Norman newspaper ‘Le Monde Du Normandie’ published 29th September 1066.

The Noble Quest For The Throne Of England

Issue 31

William of Jumièges and William of Poitiers, Duke William’s chroniclers, were with The Great Duke on his landing on English soil at the start of ‘The Noble Adventure to Claim the Throne of England’.

Beachhead secured and is spread across the wide Pevensey Bay from west to east towards Bexhill.

The Norman cavalry, foot soldiers and archers disembark and take their first steps on English soil.

Next are the carpenters who have been ordered to assemble a castle on the site of the old Roman fort from panels already constructed in Normandy and brought over with the invasion. Even the boats are being taken apart as part of the castle construction.

If they are defeated by King Harold there is no chance of them returning home but any such talk is quickly quashed by Duke William with promises of untold wealth.

But with King Harold in York, it has given the Duke free reign in Wessex to build a strong base rumoured to be at Hastings.

This issue of The Saxon Times is included in the 1066 Saxon Times Resource book:

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