Hardrada’s Rhetoric Fails to Inspire – Norway’s Vicious Vikings Annihilated

Issue 28

The Aftermath

The battle at Fulford is all but forgotten in the victory celebrations with the Norse finished as a fighting force and unlikely ever to be a threat again.

The battle at Stamford Bridge marked the end of the Northern invasion and for the moment King Harold and his troops can stay at York, resting and recovering from their victory.

Some commentators rue the loss of so many experienced men from the Northern Army. Their death may prove a problem for the King in the future. It has been a great victory but at a high cost to the King’s elite fighting men, the Huscarls.

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‘The North for the Norse’

Blog Post 27 Sep

“I’ve beaten the Saxon northern army at Fulford and the North is ours” says Hardrada. “Ignore me at your peril Harold for I have the weapons and the army to make the world notice the Vikings again.”

Work begins on a new manifesto designed to win the hearts and minds of the northern people. Free trade links with Norway, The Shetlands and The Orkneys. The opportunity for travel to the new lands of Greenland and Newfoundland.

‘A strong North as befits a strong Northern people,’ were some of the promises.

Some of the locals were already willing to help Hardrada with supplies for his army, tantalised by the thoughts of making money no doubt.

But is Hardrada too hasty for there are rumours that the King is about……

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