Hastings is in chaos and there is panic at the Hastings Mint

Today, 29th September, is the celebration of Michaelmas. St Michael, the warrior Archangel, is honoured as the protector of the individual against evil forces. Let us all hope that St Michael looks kindly on this Anglo-Saxon England and protects us all from the evil overseas.

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Travel News

It has been announced that Cross Channel sailings on the Hastings to St Valery route have been suspended at the behest of the Wessex Border Patrol. It is as a precaution for the anticipated invasion of Normans in exceptionally large numbers expected at the end of September but stories of a fleet of 700 ships must be way off the mark.

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Hardrada’s Rhetoric Fails to Inspire – Norway’s Vicious Vikings Annihilated

Issue 28

The Aftermath

The battle at Fulford is all but forgotten in the victory celebrations with the Norse finished as a fighting force and unlikely ever to be a threat again.

The battle at Stamford Bridge marked the end of the Northern invasion and for the moment King Harold and his troops can stay at York, resting and recovering from their victory.

Some commentators rue the loss of so many experienced men from the Northern Army. Their death may prove a problem for the King in the future. It has been a great victory but at a high cost to the King’s elite fighting men, the Huscarls.

This issue of The Saxon Times is included in the 1066 Saxon Times Resource Book:   www.1066thesaxontimes.com