They’ve threatened to put him in the woods!



Brother Ealdred’s recommendation for the wife’s headaches in January’s paper is a most valuable remedy. Indeed, I cannot express my thanks at the sense of well-being it provided. It was like a charm, soothing and relieving all the symptoms and I have found it to very advantageous whenever my wife feels poorly. Randulf

Dear Brother Ealdred

Eadhun is about ten years old and has begun to cough. It is worse at night when he keeps us all awake and our neighbours too. They’ve threatened to put him in the woods to sleep. We are at our wits end and the other six children are crabby too from lack of sleep. What can we do? Beowulf

For Brother Ealdred’s full reply, read The Saxon Times.

‘As for your neighbours, ask them to share some home brewed beer with you and watch you give your boy his medicine.’


Statements made in The Saxon Times, regarding the advice on herbal and natural remedies, are sourced from the ‘Lacnunga’, a collection of miscellaneous Anglo-Saxon medical texts and prayers. The advice given by Brother Ealdred is for information purposes only, it is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis provided by your doctor or other medical professionals.

Do not use Brother Ealdred’s advice to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or health condition. If you have, or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your doctor or health care provider.


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