Medievalists review The Saxon Times


The Medievalverse Newsletter brings history alive with contributions from around the world.

In the latest newsletter is a short review of The Saxon Times that highlights its use of a newspaper format to record the tumultuous events of 1066.

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Many of the troubles of modern day society are mirrored throughout 1066 with enough examples of invasion, terrorist acts and subjugation for comparison. That fateful year also can also be contemplated and argued as a lesson in business strategy and administration. 1066 is right on so many different fronts.

Writing The Saxon Times allowed for some fun stuff too; adverts, medical pages, cooking pages and a few insights from the ‘people’. Events such as the report by the BBC that the ‘Battle of Hastings sword failed to sell at auction’ and ‘the discovery at Lewes of the skeletal remains of a man believed to have been injured at the battle’ are all be woven into the fabric of the paper.

Enjoy the read.


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