20th February 1066

Papal Blessing

Duke William wants a Papal Blessing for his invasion. It is almost as if he knows that they are in the wrong with no claim to our throne.

The Archdeacon of Lisieux will travel to Rome and lodge a formal objection to Harold’s “usurpation” of the English throne. As a further show of his double dealing, he also promises that he will allow Normandy to be made a fiefdom of the Holy See, “sweetening the pot” to gain Pope Alexander II’s approval of the invasion.


The Pope’s blessing will give him a chance of solving the problem of raising an army, he can promise land and booty to men who took part, but in a holy war the church could promise something more, redemption and salvation.

Dear Brother Ealdred

Eadhun is about ten years old and has begun to cough. It is worse at night when he keeps us all awake and our neighbours too. They’ve threatened to put him in the woods to sleep. We are at our wits end and the other six children are crabby too from lack of sleep. What can we do?


For the full report behind these headlines and Brother Ealdred’s remedy, read 1066 The Saxon Times and experience the Norman Conquest through the eyes of the Saxon Times reporters

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