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Read about 1066 in this brief summary of The Saxon Times.

The Saxon Times is the paper that brings you the news as it happened and editorial, comment, features, foreign news, and special editions to bring the events to life.

Read the stories behind the headlines when The Saxon Times is published in September 2016.


Royal Press Release 1st June 1066

By Our Royal Correspondent

Eadgard of West Minster

‘Today, King Harold II sails from Westminster to join the Royal Fleet.

The Fleet will sail to the Isle of Wight and will stay there until the 8th of September.

The Phoney War Continues

There is still the feeling amongst some of the King’s aides that it will ‘all be over by the end of summer’.

Reports from France tell of an army of men all along the Norman coast, building and fitting out ships of all sizes for carrying men, horses, provisions and weapons.


Normandy News

A Blessing in Disguise

On the 17th June, a Charter for the Holy Trinity in Caen was ratified by William and confirmed the status of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity, sources close to the Duke suggested that it was a further example of William’s godliness.

Robert The New Duke Of Normandy

Also on the 17th June, the following short court statement was issued:

‘Duke William hereby confirms that his son Robert will be proclaimed as Duke of Normandy should he fail to return from England.’

Does William Expect To Die?

With this official proclamation of his succession, is it the first sign of the vulnerability of Duke William. To leave Normandy in the hands of one so young speaks of William’s realisation of human frailty.


Last Month’s Quiz – ‘Where Will Tostig Go Next?’

The winner is Sigbert of Elesford and arrangements will be made to deliver his prize of a cow, donated by Rochester Abbey, as soon as possible.


Tostig’s Tortuous Travels

Tostig’s European Tour continues.


Harald Hardrada, Tostig’s Last Hope

Tostig thinks that he has a good idea that will appeal to King Harald Hardrada.


News from Europe: Germany June 1066

It is announced that his Imperial Majesty, Henry IV, King of Germany, has married Bertha of Savoy and Turin, daughter of Otto, Count of Savoy.

The Royal couple have been betrothed since 1055


There is much more to read about June 1066 in an A3 size poster available from History Walks.

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