Saxon Times Catalogue

The following are available from History Walks

The Saxon Times

From 1st September 2016

The Saxon Times will be available from high street bookshops and from the internet.

You may also purchase the Saxon Times direct from History Walks.

Display panels

From 10th July 2016

There will be a full list of individual issues of The Saxon Times, in A3 format, suitable for wall display.

They will allow you to follow the whole year; from the consecration of West Minster Abbey, the death of Edward the Confessor  and the coronation of King Harold II through to the preparations for war, all the key battles and the advance on London that culminated in the coronation of King William.

Display Packs

From 10th July 2016

There will  also be packs of 6 and of 10 A3 issues that will cover the key events rather than the full year. These packs will include A4 copies of the individual issues suitable for photocopying.

A3 Laminated Issues

From 10th July 2016

These 6 unique wipe clean A3 size laminated issues cover the key events of 1066. They are suitable as educational place mats, display or as gifts.