The Saxon Times

“A most enjoyable read and will be of great interest to those pupils studying history.”

Yvette Gunther, Librarian, Nottingham High School

“Thank you for The Saxon Times, such fun and very informative and interesting and great for history teachers at both Secondary and primary level, using extracts for ideas and introductory work.”

Shirley W., Battle, East Sussex

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There is more to year 1066 than the Battle of Hastings that was fought on 14th October 1066 at Senlac Hill.

The Saxon Times is a look at how the events of that tumultuous year may have been reported in a topical newspaper. It covers the whole year from 28th December 1065 and the consecration of Westminster Abbey to William’s coronation on 25th December 1066.

The story ends on 31st December 1066 with the newly crowned King William ‘hiding’ in a nunnery in Barking.

The Saxon Times delves a little deeper into the background and intrigue that surrounded key dates and takes a look at life during that turbulent year through ‘eye-witness’ reports and interviews with key figures in both the Anglo-Saxon and the Norman camps. It is based on all the evidence available for that year and brings it together in a logical, understandable and entertaining format.