The Saxon Times

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When King Edward the Confessor died in January 1066 nobody could have foreseen the year of bloodshed that would take place.

Under the leadership of Harold Godwinson, Dux Angolurum, England was at peace but Edward’s death and King Harold’s coronation set the country into a tumultuous spiral of battles and invasions, treachery and duplicity that ultimately the cost King Harold the throne of England.

The Saxon Times is a look at how the events of 1066 may have been reported by a contemporary English Newspaper and takes a very different look at 1066 through the eyes of The Saxon Times reporters.

Look Inside

The Saxon Times is an historically accurate resource that has been written to inform and entertain and has been much commended for its unique view of life in 1066 and the events that changed England forever.

1066 The Saxon Times also includes; quizzes to reinforce learning, The Food Section with menus for the food at the time of the Conquest, advertisements for imagination, eye witness descriptions of all the major events of 1066 and Duke William’s march on London.

Newspaper pages for The Battles of Fulford Gate, Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings are available separately as are the ‘Kings Games’ board games that follow the progress of King Harold and Duke William through the year.

“A most enjoyable read and will be of great interest to those pupils studying history.”                                                                                   Yvette Gunther, Librarian, Nottingham High School

“Thank you for The Saxon Times, such fun and very informative and interesting and great for history teachers at both Secondary and primary level, using extracts for ideas and introductory work.”                                                                          Shirley W., Battle, East Sussex

Learning outcomes

  • How Anglo-Saxon society worked
  • How Harold Godwinson became king of England
  • Why other people also claimed the throne of England
  • What happened in 1066: the year of the Norman invasion

The Saxon Times aims to:

  • Inspire curiosity to know more about the past
  • Increase knowledge of and understanding about 1066
  • Understand how people’s lives have shaped the nation

The Saxon Times will:

  • Extend knowledge of the year 1066
  • Identify the significant events of 1066 in chronological order
  • Help develop perspective and argument
  • Help weigh the available evidence
  • Help understand the complexity of people’s lives